Who would benefit from tutoring?

The Teacher Mama currently offers one-on-one virtual tutoring for children in Preschool through the fifth grade.

Behind or Struggling with Reading?

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Does your student still struggle with b, d, p, q reversals?

Is your child reading below grade level?

Does your child struggle to sound out words? Or struggle to know words by sight?

Does your student fluently know the sounds of our English alphabet as well as digraphs and blends (th, sh, br, sl, etc)?

Can your child answer questions about what they read? Or about what was read to them?

How is writing going?

If your child struggles with any of the above area’s, The Teacher Mama Tutoring has strategies that can help! Sign up for a free consultation to learn more. Go to the tutoring consultation tab to send a message.

Behind or Struggling with Math?

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Is your student able to count to, from, and within 1000?

Can your child quickly add and subtract within 10? Single digit numbers? Double digit numbers? Triple digit numbers? regrouping???

Can your child roll 1 and 2 dice and know the number without counting every dot?

Does it take your student an abnormally long time to complete math homework?

Is your child frustrated with math? Anxious about math? Hate math?

The Teacher Mama Tutoring would love to help. Fill out the contact form for a free consultation to learn more!

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