About The Teacher Mama

Hi! I am so happy you made it to my little slice of the world! Welcome!

My name is Roberta Kightlinger. I am an educator, wife, and mama. At a very young age my love of learning was obvious to everyone who came into contact with me. I wanted to learn how to tie my shoes – so I did at the age of two. The piano fascinated me – so I began learning at the age of four. I couldn’t wait for school – so my GGB (Great-Grandma Bertie) paid for Montessori preschool at the age of four and five. And thus began my educational career and life-long journey of learning. It wasn’t very long before I realized I didn’t just love learning, I also love helping others learn and discover their love of learning.

My family means the world to me. They are part of the reason The Teacher Mama was created. My kids very different approaches to learning is one of my motivating factors in creating a community of parents guiding their children along life’s journey. My daughter (5) will be interested in anything I put in front of her and will allow help and guidance. My son (1.5) wants to discover everything by himself. He wants me to watch, but not interfere. The way I encourage learning is intentional, but very different for each child.


  • I earned my Elementary Education degree and Early Childhood Special Education Certification from The Pennsylvania State University.
    • Penn State Harrisburg not only provided me with my degree and content knowledge, but also a community of educators always willing to offer support and advice.
  • Kindergarten and 2nd grade Teacher
    • My time teaching taught me so much about curriculum, behavior and classroom management, assessment, and so much more. But I really discovered my love of curriculum and creating opportunities for students to learn in authentic and natural ways.
    • I was teaching Kindergarten when COVID-19 hit and our nation moved to distance learning as our new model of learning. I have an entire Blog/Podcast post about this experience and how it led me here.
  • Substitute Teacher
    • Preschool through 5th grade
    • Wow do you ever learn a lot about yourself as a teacher when you sub. I was able to add a lot of classroom management strategies into my toolbox
  • Classroom Paraprofessional (prior to teaching)
    • 1st grade classrooms
  • Minnesota Reading Corps Volunteer
    • Being a tutor was one of the most rewarding times of my life. I love working one on one with a child. Getting to know them and their interests. Helping them reach their full potential. And most importantly watching their confidence grow as they realized they can do hard things, they can learn, and they have fun learning!

Why The Teacher Mama?

Through all of my experiences and a lot of self-reflection this business was born. The Teacher Mama is all about helping kids reach their full potential. Every child can learn. Every child can do their best. Every child can enjoy learning in some way. I am here to tutor young learners virtually. I am here to teach caregivers to facilitate and assess learning. I am here to provide learning and motivation opportunities through a blog and podcast for parents, caregivers, and other educators.  

Join me on this fantastic journey of empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders!

The Teacher Mama

Tutoring for young learners. Courses for parents. The Teacher Mama Podcast. Founded in 2020 by Roberta Kightlinger. USA

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