Word of the year – Kids

This post is all about choosing one word as a theme for the new year with your kid(s). Last week I chose a word of the year for myself, thinking about the goals I had for 2021 and reflecting upon 2020. I wrote down a list of possible words I thought might work for me based on my goals and ended up settling on the word ‘bloom’.

2020 planted the seeds and 2021 I will make sure those seeds bloom. For example: 2020 I planted a seed of fitness. I had made improvement throughout 2020. But in 2021, I want to bloom into a person who exercises 6/7 days per week. I have a goal to be able to run a 5K.

I visualize a seed with the word ‘fitness’ etched into its shell. This seed was planted in March of 2020 and perhaps grew into a seedling by the end of 2020. I imagine that seedling fully blooming into a beautiful sunflower this year. I will nurture the seed with (duh water) daily movement, cardio 4-6 days per week, stretching, strength training, and yoga. With consistent nurturing the seed will fully bloom. I will meet my goal.

The more I thought of my word of the year, the more I thought of endless possibility. The more I realized how much my daughter (5.5 years old) would benefit from the visual of blooming in 2021. 2020 was hard on her too. She has goals and dreams too.

So we had a conversation that went like this:

Me: “I want to talk to you about something. I decided to choose a word of the year, sort of a theme to guide our new year.”

Izzy: “Oh, I like theme’s”

Me: “Me too. I chose the word ‘bloom’ for my word of the year. Do you know what the word bloom means?”

Izzy: “um…”

Me: “What if I said the word blooming?”

Izzy: “Flowers bloom!”

Me: “Flowers sure do bloom. And they are beautiful. (she nods) In 2020 a lot of different seeds were planted, and we want them to grow and bloom this year in 2021. I was thinking ‘bloom’ could be our families word of the year. What is something you want to bloom into this year?”

Izzy: “I want to bloom into an artist!!”

Me: I wrote her answer down, “Anything else you would like to bloom into?”

Izzy: “Just the artist.”

Me: “Really? I remember you talking about a goal last week about learning to read -“

Izzy: “-Oh yeah. I want to learn to read, so I can read my mermaid books by myself! So I want to bloom into an artist and a mermaid reader.”

Me: I wrote her answers down with a chuckle. “I love your answers. If you think of anything else let me know. For right now I thought maybe we could start to paint a seed growing and blooming into a flower. This will also help you practice being an artist.”

Izzy: “I’ll definitely paint a flower!!”

We then proceeded to paint for 30 minutes. The background of our paintings are completed. Over the next few days we will add layers and details.

Over the next few days – maybe even weeks. I am going to post different activities or conversation starters you can have with your kid(s) about a word of the year.

If you have young kids – choosing a family word of the year is most likely an easier option. But if you have older kids, have them brainstorm and think of their own word. All ages can think about their goals and dreams for the upcoming year. Kids are full of dreams.

Disclaimer: If my daughter had said she wanted to bloom into a mermaid… We would have had a conversation about mermaids and figured out a more realistic goal. On the other end though, don’t limit your kids goals. Am I positive my kiddo will be able to read her mermaid books all by herself a year from now? I really am not sure. BUT if I limited her, we would never know. She made her own goal. She will be motivated unlike ever before to learn to read so she can meet her own goal.

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