Happy New year

Hello, all. Happy New Year!

What a year we have all had. My family ended up battling COVID-19 within our own household. And honestly, I am still struggling two plus months later. But all that said, business is still booming. I am so incredibly grateful for all of my tutoring clients and their families. They have made the second half of 2020 absolutely amazing. I am so proud of how far The Teacher Mama has come in just a few short months, and I am extremely excited for everything I have planned for 2021!!

Word For The Year 2021

It is starting to become more and more of a common practice to choose one word to represent the tone for the upcoming year. The word is chosen intentionally so the meaning relates to goals for the year. Some examples have been: growth, persistence, boundaries, relationship, creativity, thoughtful, and the list could continue. Below I have shared my write up around the word I chose for 2021. Look for a future post about how to help kids choose a word (or maybe choose one word for the entire family).

Bloom: a beautiful process of becoming

dictionary definition

While the year 2020 was no-doubt challenging, I am choosing to think of those challenges as seeds. These seeds will bloom in 2021, but only if I water and nurture those seeds. My word for 2021 is “bloom”. Bloom as a noun is defined as, “a beautiful process of becoming.” How gorgeous and fitting is that? I will continue to bloom into (become) a better wife, mother, educator, person because of those seeds (challenges) planted in 2020. 

Without those challenges of 2020 I never would have found the courage to quit my 9-5 job and plant the seeds of my very own business, The Teacher Mama tutoring and podcast/blog. I have felt more professionally and spiritually fulfilled, finally starting to glimpse the plan God has for my future. Without everything that happened in 2020 – I honestly don’t know if I ever would have let myself think creatively about choosing a different career path. Teaching is in my blood. Being a teacher is all I worked towards for so long. How could I ever leave that profession? Turns out I stepped into something even bigger. I didn’t leave the teaching profession. I still teach daily. I teach students virtually 1:1 and get to see the AMAZING growth they make each day. I am making a difference, all thanks to the seeds planted during difficult times in early 2020. I chose to find the opportunity in a crappy situation.

View the post below all about “The Distance Learning Opportunity”

Without the challenges I faced in 2020 from getting COVID-19, I will bloom into a person who takes better care of the health and wellbeing of herself and family in 2021 and beyond.

I choose to find the positive in every negative, the possible growth in every setback, the future instead of the past. 

Let’s teach our kids to do the same thing! How powerful would that be to have an entire generation shift their mindset towards growth and positivity rather than blame and self-doubt!? Can you imagine in what kind of world we would live? The advancements, creativity, and opportunities grown out of challenges instead of giving into the challenge. Letting the challenge win.

If you have chosen a word for 2021 – comment below. I would love to know what you picked, and why! I’ll be sharing more about how to do this activity with your kids soon! So stay tuned.

Happy Learning!

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