“There just aren’t enough hours in the day!”

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Have you heard someone say this before? Maybe you have said this before. I say it all too often. But I am trying to stop. I have come to the realization that there are only 24 hours in a day. There will always only be 24 hours in a day. And I need to use the time I have efficiently and in the ways I feel are best.

What a novel idea, huh? But really though, I have a really good habit of over-planning. Over-planning isn’t always good and isn’t always bad. Over-planning a lesson to teach can be helpful, in ensuring a plan in case the lesson doesn’t take as long as expected. There are meaningful things to do. Children are engaged. They have less opportunity to be bored.

Over-planning a long trip across the country has served me well. I know the exact route we will take based on: road construction, rush hours, traffic patterns, and ease of rest-stops along the way. All of this helps to know how much money I should use to budget on gas and food along the way and budget hotel or campground costs. With young kids, I have even been known to over-plan the amount of stops we make. I research all of the interesting places we could stop and explore along the way. For example – a few years back we were traveling up the east coast. Our daughter was young and was going to need stretch breaks. She needed time to get out of the car and get her wiggles out. We wanted to see the NYC sky line, but didn’t want to drive into NYC and deal with all the traffic that would entail. So over-planning was good. That trip went very smoothly.

Right now, I am finding over-planning is not serving me well. I have over-planned my own to-do list and schedule during the days. I planned every second of my day to try and make it the most efficient use of time possible. But I have found this to be overwhelming, and unhelpful. I have a lot of goals and plans for this business. And I naively expected to get all of my various plans up and running in a relatively short time. Ha, big surprise, that hasn’t happened. And in respect of transparency, I have decided to explain my priorities and more realistic plan for The Teacher Mama.

Priority #1 – Family

Priority #2 – Tutoring and Learning Plans

Priority #3 – Podcast: which will be posted bi-weekly

Priority #4 – Webinars for parents/caregivers, and educators. (Phase 2 of The Teacher Mama)

There it is. The beginnings of a new plan. With a bi-weekly, instead of weekly podcast as I had originally planned, I will have more time for my family and more time for tutoring and creating personalized learning plans.

Happy Learning!

Teacher Roberta


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