Locomotor Skills during learning

Learning through movement is POWERFUL 💪. There is so much evidence supporting this statement. Our brains and body’s were made to work best when moving. This may be why some of my best idea’s come to me when I am out for a walk or a run. 🤷‍♀️ We know kids need to move, so why not incorporate some learning with their movement?

1. Locomotor skill up and down the hill.

2. Read the letter sound or word on the flashcard.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with a new locomotor skill and a new flashcard.

It is seriously that easy!

This week we are working on learning the -am word family and focusing on letter sounds she still sometimes confuses. I wrote the letters and words on index cards. Each time she came down the hill she read a new card. If she correctly read the word or letter sound I put the card away. If she did not automatically get the word or letter sound correct, I put the card back into the deck to continue practicing.

You don’t need a hill, or even to be outdoors, to make this learning idea work for you and your family! Clear an area and make sure your kiddo(s) know where to begin and where to end before coming back to you. The index cards could have: math facts, letters, words, numbers, sentences, shapes, a concept they need to explain, and so many other concepts.

My toddler followed his ‘sissy’ and practiced his own locomotor skills, which was absolutely adorable with his little inexperienced baby legs. He loves copying everything his big sister does. Not only did he do his best to follow her up and down the hill doing the various locomotor skills (more info below), he also tried to copy her when she said a letter sound or a word. He was working on growing his speech skills! This amazing, silly, and brilliant little boy is incredibly stubborn. If I had sat him down with me and tried to practice those speech sounds with him – he would have refused. BUT – his sister was making the sounds and he wasn’t being required to also make the sounds. SO – he made the sounds. THIS. <– THIS. This is why exposure is SO important! Providing authentic opportunities for language development makes a HUGE difference in language acquisition.

What is your child learning this week? Need any help coming up with ways to make their learning more interactive? Sign up for a consultation! I can help!

Locomotor skills, huh? So is that like things a locomotive train can do?

Locomotor skills are a specific group of gross motor skills. We have two basic types of motor skills; fine motor and gross motor.

Here are some examples of fine motor skills:

  • pointing
  • writing
  • holding a pencil
  • holding silverware
  • pinching fingers to pick up something

And some examples of gross motor skills: Here is a great resource for gross motor skill development. The Children’s Hospital of Richmond have a list of the gross motor skills should be developed and at what age.

  • catching a ball
  • a baby holding up their head without support
  • crawling
  • walking
  • skipping
  • climbing
OK, so what are locomotor skills? There are 8 gross motor skills that put our bodies into motion using our feet:
  • walking
  • running
  • skipping
  • jumping
  • hopping
  • galloping
  • walking backwards
  • sliding

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