Does your child struggle with either reading or math? We can help!

  • Zoom or Google Meets Video chat lesson-sessions
  • Preschool through 5th graders
  • Students with Dyslexia needing extra support
  • 20-30 minute sessions
  • Literacy and/or Math focus
  • First session includes parent interview and various assessments to pinpoint exactly what your child needs to succeed.
  • Tutoring with a highly qualified educator
  • Progress notes sent to you on a weekly or monthly basis depending upon frequency of learning sessions.
  • Clear criteria for knowing when tutoring is no longer needed

Classes for Parents/Caregivers

Coming Soon

Virtual courses designed to help parents and caregivers guide their young children in their learning journey. More information to come.

The Teacher Mama Podcast

For educators. Teachers. Parents. Caregivers. Daycare providers. If you work closely with young children – this is a podcast for you!

Each podcast will also have the transcript available. Some podcasts will even have products for purchase.